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Improvers Courses 2017 Dates
@ Chill Factore, Manchester

All Mountain Techniques –


Parallel Perfection- 


Confidence Course – Nervous Skiers

All Improvers Courses are a maximum of 4 people for 2 hours at £110 per person and includes the boot, ski hire and slope pass.

Improvers Course, this is our most popular clinic and suits any skier who has recently learnt to ski or returning to the sport after a long break and is wishing to progress from plough turns to plough parallel and parallel turns and basic stops, developing turn shapes and size and turning and mastering the fall line. This clinic also includes some basic posture and balancing exercises. To help you see your progression and correct your skiing, video analysis is conducted.

Improvers Parallel Perfection, this is a very popular course and features solely on the techniques to perfect parallel skiing, with a start point of plough parallel progressing through all applications and exercises for parallel skiing and turns, developing turn shape and size including skid to a halt, engaging and changing edges across the fall line, correcting position, balance and posture and the introduction of the pole plant and early steps towards short turns.To help you see your progression and correct your skiing video analysis is conducted.

Improvers All Mountain Techniques, this popular course builds on the Improvers and Parallel Perfection and is a full of drills, techniques and exercises to help you build on your foundation learning. This course is quite demanding and operates as a two-hour session designed to move your skiing to the next level, increase flex and posture and provide the skier with the early skills required to move through to the advanced courses.

Confidence Courses.  Are you a nervous skier wanting to improve. Are you returning from a long break in skiing or after fully recovering from an injury or accident and want to build your confidence and skiing ability back? Perhaps you don’t want to be in a large group or class? We offer a specific course for you. Designed to help you return and build your confidence with our patient and understanding coaches. This course is delivered on a one-to-one basis or for a maximum of two people and can be for either 1 or 2 hours.  A gentle pace is set and we work with you to assess your abilities, where your concerns are and rebuild your confidence and inspiration.

Advanced Courses 2017 Dates
@ Chill Factore, Manchester

All Mountain Techniques Adavanced 

Carving Clinic

All Advanced Courses are a maximum group size of 8 people for 3 hours at £165 per person and include ski, boot hire and slope pass.

Carving Course, this course is either for those skiers wishing to learn to carve or looking to improve their carving and the required techniques, focusing on such areas as edges, body posture and stance (hips and knees), angulation and inclination and much more.

Moguls Skills Course (dependant on availability) this course features early skills to master and eventually perfect the moguls. The clinic will take you through a mix of drills outside of the bumps and provide with the tactics and changes needed such as pole plant, braquage, techniques, tips and bio-mechanics suitable to successfully ski the moguls. This is a demanding class for advanced skiers. To help you see your progression and correct your skiing video analysis is conducted

All Mountain Techniques, this course features drills, skills techniques and approaches suitable for advance skiers across all skiing disciplines and includes advanced bio-mechanics analysis, to conquer steeps, moguls, carving and skiing couloirs. This is a demanding class for advanced skiers.

All customers must be able to use the drag/button/pomma lift and control their speed from the middle or the top of the indoor slope and link their turns in a snow plough.

All individual customers courses must be aged 16 years and over.

Improvers courses for a family of 4 can be accommodated but children must be aged 11 and over. We are sorry but SkiRight does not offer courses or 1:1 for beginner skiers.

** (please note there is no reduction in the price if customers have their own equipment as this is included in the slope pass price and cannot be changed)

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