Under Pressure – A top skiing drill

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“Under Pressure”

When we do any drill we have to ask the reasons why? How do we do it? Why do we do it? and What will be the outcome? A drill won’t miraculous change a problem straight away the idea is that you can feel a difference and start to join this new-found understanding/feeling into your skiing.

To make short or medium radius turns that are effective on steeper terrain the pressure on the new turning ski, the uphill ski, applied as early as possible before the fall line, straight down the hill, the earlier pressure applied the more grip you will have in the turn and this will enable you to control your speed more effectively. The turn will be less ‘skiddy‘ so you will experience much more ‘grippy’ turns.

So whilst on the hill pick up the top ski, make sure the tip of the ski is down, close to the snow and the tail of the ski picked up as far off the snow as you can. (See the demonstration video) 

The earlier you can put the top ski down and stand on that ski then pick up the downhill ski the better the effect on the turn will be. But to begin with just start to improve your balance by lifting the ski for as long as possible, then as you gain confidence start to play with when you can lift the ski up and when you can lift the downhill ski.

The effect on your skiing will be profound and by increasing the pressure on the ski early it will change the way you cope and adapt your skiing on more difficult skiing. Keep practicising this. If you would like to learn how to correctly complete these types of drills then book on a personal coaching session or course today.

Brian Evans SkiRight – Head Coach

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