Why ski in real snow indoor slopes

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Thanks to all the many people who contacted us to ask us about the benefit of Skiing on real snow indoor slopes such as Manchester’s fantastic Chill Factore. We asked our Head Coach Brian Evans to list the top 10 benefits. Real snow indoorslopes, like the superb Chill Factore are a great asset to developing your skiing;

  1. imagine they are your “snow gymnasium” a superb place to ‘work-out” by improving your skiing skills prior to your winter skiing holiday
  2. you can practice your new found skills in a closed environment i.e. that is non-threatening and a safe place.
  3. you can help buildmuscle memory where you achieve things instinctively rather than consciously thinking of them – imagine driving a car – do you consider pressing the clutch?
  4. the indoor slopes are a great place to try out new equipment making sure your boots do not hurt or the skis are set correctly, as well as trial the latest equipment, test your helmet or even get used to wearing goggles if it’s your first time.
  5. get some lessons with a professional instructor who can help you develop new skills and improve some techniques that are causing you difficulty – leaving you ready for the mountain
  6. to help develop better posture and thus balance. Then incorporate some appropriate movements and your skiing will develop even more.
  7. take a chance to develop your skills through race training, moguls or freestyle all of these will help your technique
  8. enjoy a great social scene and make new friends and network with fellow skiers, find out what are the hot new places to ski.
  9. for all those parents wondering what to do with their children in the summer holidays there are some excellent all day ski camps, which means you can get on the slope and get some time in as well
  10. you can ski all year around and enjoy the quieter times in the summer, when you can max out your skiing time without the queues and the hassle, enjoy some fantastic offers and get yourself ski ready for the winter. Enjoy the forthcoming season.

SkiRight offers individual high quality coaching and development for skiers wishing to improve their technique and build new skills.

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