Parallel Practice makes Permanent

By May 20, 2017Uncategorized

How is your parallel skiing?  Have you hit a plateau? Are you still stemming? Are you nervous when skiing?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then we can help.

Head Coach Brian takes a look at what skiing with a stem means and how we can change this to skiing parallel. When we turn we have a stem, or a small wedge, or small snowplough – these are the same thing. The reason for this occurring is that you initiate the turn by steering the outside ski first and leaving the inside ski where it was thus creating a stem turn.To change this and to improve, press on the outside ski early. Imagine you have a small orange under the ball of your foot. Now, squeeze all the juice out of the orange by pressing down firmly, then focus on steering both feet, the secret here is to rotate the inside ski at the same time as pressing on the outside ski, practice this and you will turn parallel.

Always learn new techniques on a gentle hill or an indoor ski slope, where you are comfortable and it is initially not somewhere to challenging.  Once you have acquired the new skill and you have gone through the “practice phase” try this new skill on a slightly steeper or more challenging slope. If however, it fails to deliver, then take it back to the easier slope and practice again.

Remember: Practice makes Permanent, not perfect. So consider a structured course or 1 to 1 coaching to give you the skills you need to build confidence. Remember, confidence comes from relying on your skill, from enjoying the moment and by being safe and having fun, please keep this in mind. Learn in a safe environment, to ski faster and to stand on the new turning skier earlier and you will start to sense your skill developing but more importantly, your confidence will grow with each turn

Use the summer time, when the indoor slopes are quite to develop both your skill and confidence so you can take your skiing to the next level in the forthcoming winter. If you are nervous, about trying this you can try our “Parallel Perfection” course or one of our “Confidence Courses”, for nervous skiers.  The best way to build confidence is to develop your skill. Once you come to believe in your skill more, your confidence will grow and grow.

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