The importance of early pressure

By May 9, 2017Uncategorized

Head Coach, Brian provides a top key ski technique and drill to improve your skiing. One of the most important skills when skiing is not only to be able to turn your feet but also to be able to pressure the ski early on before the fall line.This is a fundamental technique in developing your skiing skills and to enable a higher level of performance. So, try picking up the uphill ski (keeping the ski tip down, and the tail of the ski up, to ensure pressure is maintained toward the front of the skis). You are now balanced on the downhill ski.

When you change direction, put down the uphill ski and stand on that ski, then pick up the downhill ski and repeat this exercise down the slope. This will in effect put pressure on the new turning ski, the uphill ski.This is a great ski tip to help develop short turns on steeper terrain. To learn and practice this and other great techniques book on one of ski courses today and ski right all of the time.

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