Skiing variable conditions in Morzine

By April 23, 2017Ski Techniques

SkiRight Head Coach Brian Evans talks about variable skiing conditions.  I thought I would provide an update on my coaching trip to Morzine in France this April. Upon arrival I was met by the most beautiful weather, blue bird skies and warm sun. However, for the snow and skiing conditions this meant only one thing – variable conditions. I really adore skiing in these; spring snow, moguls and then slush! I chose to take my party off piste and skied soft snow under foot, down a black run and then met soft bumps. These conditions are challenging but also really great fun. You have to ski with confidence and speed to max out the enjoyment you can get. I always encourage my clients to ensure they are engaging the tips of their skis and to apply pressure early on the turning ski to make sure they are powering through the turn. These are some of the many techniques you will need when skiing variable conditions and something we offer in our All Mountain Techniques Course, at Chill Factore – Manchester so book on one today at

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